Lets start at the preamble to the Beginning

I had a totally dumb idea about 20 years ago (okay it was 19 years ago) and I have a totally dumb idea now. Back in 1998 I decided to start what would later be known as a blog. I had figured out how to create webpages using HTML tags. I found I was able to telnet from my work computer to a server I had an account on (sac state, i’m guessing) and access the internet. I would view webpages with a text based viewer called Lynx. I would write and edit my web site on pico or vi (mainly pico but mention vi gives me more nerd-cred). Since I was viewing everything through Lynx, I figured any web site I made should be Lynx friendly (i.e. just a bunch of text).

My ‘year 2017 dumb idea’ was that I could go back to my old posts and review them. Relive some stories but mainly embarrass myself. I’ll see how it goes.

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