weekend weekend march 6, 2006

friday: cleaned up the house some, i think. that might of been the night 
i rode my bike around the block with Link hooked on the leash thing. Got 
chinese food and played some warcraft. Lisa and i played our 
Priest/warrior team and took out this totally tough elite ogres in the 
Alterac mountains. It was awesome because we did so good.

saturday: cleaned up the house for the next days oscar party. In the 
evening we (the four eyes) went to KDVS to play on the air. the sound guy 
got there and realized there was no monitor so we wouldnt be able to hear 
ourselves. This makes singing a lot tougher (not that i know). A later 
found out that my microphone was never turned on or was broken so there 
were long pauses were i was talking but no one could hear it. I also gave 
a bunch of shout outs and talked about warcraft stuff but only jay and 
joel heard it. So that bummed me out for the rest of the weekend. The 
radio guy who invited us onto his show was nice but we were really pumped 
up about playing so it turned out to be kind of a let down. the 2 people 
i talked to that heard us said we sounded off and that there was a lot of 
dead air (when i was talking). oh well, there will always be a next time...

sunday: cleaned up the house more. Found out the rain was causing the HD 
signal to not come in stong enough on the channel the academy awards were 
going to be on. So i went to home deport and got a longer antenna poll. 
and installed it in the pouring rain. People came over and partied and 
lisa won the oscar pool with 16 out of 24 correct. i got 14 right. I 
thought Crash sucked so i was dissapointed it won. Later lisa and i 
played warcraft with joel. joel loves Ventrilo, which is the internet 
talking software. kind of like a phone party line. We killed some gnolls 
and i died like 3 times.

the end