Back in action

So somebody keeps bugging me to start up the daily take again because 
they went through and read some of the old ones. They must have got 
lucky and only clicked on the 'good' ones, if any of those excist. I 
guess I'll try to start this again since some other blogs are going away 
for a little while (blogging is like crack (or warcraft) you can never 
quit). I'll use the daily take to focus not only on 4 eyes stuff. the 4 
eyes blog was supposed to be jay, joel and i just blogging about 
whatever, but we never seem to get around to it.

kiss my cruiser

so a couple weeks back it was sunday and i had a 5 day weekend. lisa and 
i thought it might be a good idea to start biking. We then looked at 
carts to haul the kids and saw a good deal on a brand new one in davis. 
I email the lady and she said "come get it" and Roan and i headed off to 
davis around 6 on a friday. About half an hour later we were almost 
through west sac. luckily i had my Rezillo's cd which i had got for xmas 
and was able to listen to it. I hadnt heard that album in years and was 
again marvelled by the bass playing. Now while playing songs sometimes i 
think "what would the guy from the Rezillos do" and i can never figure 
out what.
So eventually we get to davis and buy the cart and then head to 
In-n-nout burger for dinner. Again wait in a line forever. Eventually we 
get home and all is good. The next day we decide we need to replace our 
old bikes because they've been sitting outside for about 4 years and 
they were not great to start with. We end up looking a couple places and 
settle on the crappy mountain bikes make by Schwin that target has. I 
always hated big shocks on bikes, but now my bike has them. The changing 
gear system on new bikes is nice, click to go up, click to go down. 
Better than the old method of trying to move the lever the right 
distance and having the chain click forever. My old bike i had had since 
JR high. I gave it and big blue (lisa old bike) to joel so he could put 
new tires/seats/oil on them and use them after his housemates had their 
bikes stolen or broken.
So now we can ride to the park with the kids in the trailer and its 
pretty good. I did take the seat off lisa's old cruiser and put it on my 
new bike since the little seat it came with hurt my butt too much. Lisa 
ordered an attachedment that hooks to bikes so you can have the dog 
hooked on and you wont crash if the dog run the wrong way. It camei n 
the mail and i tried to install it on her bike but it would nt fit so i 
put it on mine. its really annoying and much be machined bad because it 
hits your leg/food if you're not careful when you pedal. Also its 
something that would probably cause you to fall if you had to stop and 
get off your bike real fast. I'll have to figure out a way to improve 
it. So soon you might see me cruising along with a cart of kids and a 
dog hooked to my bike. i might not see you because i'll probably be 
dying from exhaustion.