Another decade

I turned 30 last weekend. its been downhill since. I guess not really. I sold the 
Asteroids game that bill bought back to the same people he bought it from. that 
was pretty funny. Playing Gilman st for the first time next month, that should be 
fun but id better not count on it.

Roan's getting tall, she can reach too much stuff. She understands great but 
still hasnt figured out how to talk.

I almost did a daily take on my last day of being 29 thinking it would be some 
type of inventory or 'am i where i thought/should be now' type thing but it 
seemed too lame. I got life pretty good, i'm greedy and want more but its stuff i 
can live with out (except the new computer and plasma screen). I actually have 
more working video games than broken ones now, which is amazing.

softball starts next week, i'm getting mentally prepared (i.e. excited). Playing 
softball is a blast. daily takes now days seem boring, i'm not crass enough or 
something. maybe i should talk about Iraq. bah, i'm going home.