trek for a trek So i was in No Kill I:the next generation who played last July to be filmed for Trekkies 2. The premiere was on APril 14th in Hollywood. I figured lisa and i should go since its a once and lifttime thing. lisa's parents agreed to babysit so we went. We carted Joel and hilary down, Jay drove Natalie and heather and allen down. The no kill i guys too mike r mike's van. Left around 10 and got there around 3:30 after listening to some Dr Demento from 1996, William Hungs album, Triumph the insult comic dog and some Jeff Foxworthy. The premiere was nuts. a good amount of people (150? maybe). The theater was super nice, big padded seats with high backs and arm rests, lots of leg room and carpeted floors. the screen was huge as well. Pretty nice for a straight to video release. I was wearing bill's old Armani suit over my star fleet uniform shirt. I also had my Riker beard. Joel was dressed in a white long hair wig with a white fur jacket. he was in the character of Coors DeBla-something. Before the movie Denise Crosby said hi and the producer and directer said thanks and all that crap. Old Mean ol' Nygard introduced all the people in the film that were present so we got to stand up. nothing funner than standing up. Movie played and it was great, nothign is better than a movie with me in it (thus the top of the best movies ever list: 1) trekkies 2, 2)Dangerous Minds (my posse dont do homework)). After the movie was over all the geeks in the movie acted like movie stars so the other geeks in the movie. Allen snuck his camera in a got a shot of me with the "bakersfield kid" from the first movie, i think we figured out his name was Gabriel by the end of the night. Al also got a great shot of my shaking Denise Crosby's hand. She was talking to me but i couldnt think of anything to say back so i shook her hand and smiled for the picture and then ran away. The after party was to meet at someplace called something like Cantoni's deli. We got there and the only peop;le there were sacramento people. lisa and i were really hunger and about to leave when everyone showed up and the waiteress took our order. A bunch of people from the movie were there. Coors Lights were 350 form the bar. Roger Nygard (the directer) ended up sitting across from me. I made him say my name to see if he actually knew who i was, he passed the test so he's cool with me. Also sitting across from me was some friend of Nygards and his date. His date was obviously an actress, all made up and hair styled. she said some real gems. Lisa was wearing a WKRP shirt and the girl asked if she was from Cincinnati. lisa said 'no i just like the show'. i was wearing a Tomb Raider video game shirt so the chick asked what i thought of Angelina Joelie, i said 'i dont know i guess she was ok, i didnt see the second movie, someone just gave me this shirt.' Allen got a picture of me with the girl. At the end of the night i asked her if she was an actress and she said 'yes' i said 'have you been on tv lately?' and she said "baywatch". I was the most stoked. Her name was something like Leelan or LeeAnn, anyone with good Baywatch knowledge know who she is?