catmagic part 3, not really

2 oclock and my leg is hurting...

Last thursday was the last kitten kats game of summer season. it was a battle to 
see which team would end with the worse record. kitten kats = softball, D league. 
During the game i ended up sliding in to 2nd base and scraping a big piece of my 
leg skin off. never slide while wearing shorts. my wound hurt a lot on friday and 
saturday. i even took off early from work to take a nap because i couldnt sleep 
the night before; i kept rolling over onto my leg and waking up.

saturday night we (the four eyes) played 
a show at the capital garage with the Brodys and a couple other bands. the show 
was 8 bucks so i figured there be lots of people there; why else would you charge 
8 bucks. but hardly anyone was there, it was still fun though; practice for the 
distillery show on the 23rd.

So i got my RBI Baseball arcade game working, loads of fun. My friend talked me 
into joining , its pretty lame but free. i got interuppted while 
writing this and cant remember when point i was going to make, oh well, dang work 
work interferring with this...