Dear wesly crusher...

Friday- made some No Kill I : the Next Generation (nki:tng) CDrs to sell at the 
show. only had time to make 13. i thought i'd be lucky if i sold them all. Jack 
and Daniel called around 9, they were lost, out on Sunrise. I told them they 
missed sacto and to head back to town. they finally made it. We waited around til 
11 playing arcade games and crap. At 11 we loaded up the amps and headed to Tower 
Theater. jay and joel were there and the last movie was almost over. we tried on 
our uniforms that allen (the new picard) had rented (through a connection, girl 
friends uncle) for 5 bucks each. killer deal. Movie ended, people left. we set up 
stuff in the main theater and plugged in the 500 watt light bulb. Jack gave us 
cash to go get beer, so Joel, Dan and i walked over to tower liquor in our star 
fleet uniforms. People at Malarkies (or tower club i think its called now) were 
yelling at us and cheering. The tower guy wasnt as dickie as usual. Headed back 
to the theater, some chick yelled out that we looked sexy. 2 dudes followed us to 
the front of the theater and had their pictures taken with us. pretty lame/funny.

Allen eventully showed up and we practiced til almost 3 in the morning.

Saturday - joel, jack and dan picked me up (around 12:45) after they went out to 
breakfast. i had them stop and get me a "number one for number 1" at mcdonalds. 
Went to joels house. allen got his head shaved., we practiced again. Then Jay, 
Allen and i took off (leaving the other suckers to load the truck) so jay could 
pick up the borg suit. We got to the Capital Garage at 3:05 (5 minutes late). saw 
none of the no kill i folks. i gave smith a call. he said the Trekkies people 
were there but no kill i had to get dressed, he had told me weeks ago to be at 
the cap g at 3, but he thought the trekkies people were going to be at his house 
at 3. So we went and met with them. They had us get into costume and interviewed 
us in the capital park across the street. The polyester shirts were nice in the 
100 degree weather. The trekkies crew (from now on known as the 'crew') was 
small. there was a producer, director, camera guy and boom mic guy and Jen who 
did the paper work stuff and band wrangling and truck watching. Jack asked the 
boom mic guy if we could call him 'Boomer' and he said 'no, do not call me 
boomer'. He didnt seem to be in a good mode. We were interviewed, director said 
we should play the big german trek con and that we'd all get blow jobs. we 
cracked up the crew a few times, i think even Boomer smiled at a Denise Crosby 
rockin it joke. Interview was like 30-45 minutes. Then no kill i showed up, some 
in costume. we left and went to smiths to drink his beer. 

--crapppppp, the connection crapped out and i lost the rest----

--attempt to rewrite, will suck thought since i'm bored of typing now----

bands played. some sucked, some were great. the end

--second attempt at rewrite--

We all went to the cap g at 6 (like they told us, even though before they said 
load in was at 3, and at 3 they said we couldnt load in). Joel, jack, allen and i 
walked to togos for food. on the way we say Mickie Rat walking on the other side 
of the street in a star trek uniform. i yelled out "hey nerd" and he just looked 
ahead and started walking faster. he said a minute later he relized it was us and 
thought it was funny. joel made everyone get ice cream cones for the walk back. 
Around 9 or 9:309 Stovokov played, they were really good, i was glad we werent on 
right after them. Next No Kill I: deepspace 9 played they suck, atleast 
costume-wise, only one uniform and one kling on head-mask. i guess they played 
the same song 3 times. i didnt go inside because i was too busy discussing hoe 
Free Enterprised sucked with patrone.

Eventually we (nki:tng) went on. when we were setting up people were chanting 
"tng, tng". We played and didnt mess up big anywhere. it wa great seeing like 200 
people jumping up and down and singing along with the songs. Boomer was the 
second camera man and was filming right next to me so i couldnt move around much. 
I couldnt anyways because one of my legs kept cramping up. After we were done i 
had picard tell people to see me to buy a CDr. I sold all the ones i had 
instantly, i could have sold like twice as many. It was great fun. After us No 
Kill I played. they sounded pretty good at first. after watching them for a while 
and helping jay film, i went and hung out with bill who was drunk eventhough he 
was on call (locksmith). He kept throwing plastic cups into the ceiling fan. I 
eventually got a ride home with Jack, Dan and Joel. Thus ends No Kill I:tng's 
excitment, hopefully we'll play again soon then 8 years. we'd like to try and 
play a con, like Time Con or something.

the end