beanie baby bingo dingo

So i may actually get to kill those cave men.

backstory: I won a Time Soldiers arcade game on ebay for 20 bucks. it had no 
monitor. i bought a non working monitor for 24 bucks. i havent worked on it much 
and havent got it working. A fellow arcade collecting guy in the bay area got a 
couple free monitors and it going to give me kind of working monitor thats the 
same as mine so i should have a working monitor soon. then i can finally play the 
dang game. i'm almost tired of it and have thought about trying to get ride of 
it, but i know that once it works it will get its money worth. The i can convert 
it or sell it and buy some other cheap game. I have so many nintendo games to 
play as is. Animal Crossing has been owning me. i got medal of honor because it 
was on sale at target, but still have been playing Animal crossing, got to get 
out of being Tom Nook's snaga.

I set up a picture site for pictures of roan (