drop the chalupa

So i usually have an iron gut and never puke. i think theres probably a daily take from 
earlier this year that tells my puking history. Anyways tuesday night after getting 
home from home depot i started feeling sick. i dont think lisa really believed me. i 
layed in bed for a while. then i got up and ate a piece of toast and some water. we 
were watching buffy the vampire slayer and i started to feel worse. finally i puked 
into a trash can. i remember hearing a commercial for some movie about xmas in the 
hood, i hated that commercial and now will have a grudge against that movie forever. i 
always forget how bad puking hurts, it was like getting punched in the ribs from the 
inside. ive never puked while drunk but have heard its not as bad. anyways it turned 
out that i ate some anthrax and puked it back up. dang terrorists.

65 pooport

nother roan pic, dude