Never more seth the raven

so i came home from work yesterday and found that there was a black thing on my 
porch. so i lookt at it and saw it was a crow sitting there. i thought 'that 
thar's a bird, thats strange' and went inside and told lisa. i said i wanted to 
throw bread at the bird to befriend it. she handed me the baby and then went out 
her self with bread to befriend the bird. She threw bread at it and it didnt do 
anything, she hit it with a piece and it still didnt move, she poked it with a 
stick and it moved a little. So all evening there was a crow on the porch, every 
once and while id go out and poke it with a stick. eventually i went out and it 
was lying on its side moving its wings slowly. this morning it was dead so i 
pushed it into a bucket with a stick and threw it in the trash (that way starving 
kids in china can eat when the trashman seperates out all the left over food from 
the real garabge and sends it the chinee. the trash had just came this morn, so 
now i got a dead crow in my bin. atleast its not in my /var, har har har.

i drove to san jo last week on a business trip (non-pr0n related). on the way 
back i happened to be listening to a Jeff Foxworthy tape as i crossed Foxworthy 
Ave. That was the highlight of my day.

the end