death of a green october

So i'm in a depression over the A's being beat by the Twins. Baseball season is 
over and its harsh. I actually followed a team all year and they won their 
division. they had to do the usually A's loosing thing of almost making a come 
back in the bottom of the ninth just to give you a little extra hope before they 
bite it. i blame it all on Soriano (scott not alfonso) since he cursed billy Koch 
by saying he sucked so i had to say no he doesnt suck so then billy koch sucked 
just to prove me wrong and lost the game for the a's.

my excitment last week or this weekend (i cant remember) was putting a new 
harddrive im my computer and re-installing the system software. a nice clean 
install sure makes me happy. i got a 40 gig drive for 60 bucks with a 40 buck 
rebate, pretty sweet. 20 bucks.

a thing i want to do but never will:
There is a painting on a wall (or on a piece of plywood covering a wall) on 8th 
street near the Kst light rail tracks. its to thge right of the 'gold time 
california' montage with the hookers with brown crap on their faces and the river 
boats. its a picture of two kids. one is a black boy with no neck holding a paint 
brush. the other is the one that haunts me. its a white kid in white clothes, not 
sure if it a girl or boy, probably girl. its streaching out its arm kind of 
toward you. it just has the total "i'm galactis, i'm taking over this planet" 
comic book stance. it also looks like it has a colonel sanders mustache and 
beard. its the thing that i anti-grok the most.

the end