rummage saleboat

So this morning i'm drinking my morning tea (i would call it chai but i'm too 
cool fer that, bro) and eating my morning crewy granola bar (chocolate chip). I 
feel something in my back molar and i think to myself what a wonderful world, no, 
i think 'dang i gata piece of gray-nola bar stuck im my chompers' and try to pick 
it out with my tongue. then try to pick it out with my finger and realize its not 
a piece of granola but a missing part of my tooth. a section of my back molar had 
brooken off and i didnt notice (i guess i ate the part that broke and its now 
going to cut up my insides and a-hole if i dont drink enough pepsi to disolve 
it). I make dang sure that its not really food. call the dentist who i just saw 
yesterday for a 6 month cleaning (and he even cleaned my teeth, bum bum dah). I 
go there at noon on the short bus number 36 and thank my luck stars when 
dredlock-o doesnt sit next to me. They say i must of broke it when i was grinding 
my teeth during my sleep and try to push the 325 dolalr mouth guard onto me. i 
say 'me poor, me no speaka da inglesh'. and get an appointment for 7:30 am 
topmorow for them to give me a filing to try and fix the gap, that dont work then 
its a crown i need.

i got and eat at Jimboys Tacos because i never had before. order some 2 taco 
combo plate and drink that ends up costing like 8 bucks. drink is really cold on 
my broken tooth so i have to eat on one side of my mouth and try to keepo my 
tongue from getting cut on the broken tooth. I went to rite aid and picked up a 
20 dollar mouth guard that i'll try out. i had a mouth guard a few years ago but 
it kind of got ground through and i stopped wearing it.

-someone at work made me work- lost train of =thought

-the end