the wrath of dingus kahn, ive never sai it before

I have to remind myself to put a new bass string on my bass. i broke the other 
one two weeks ago during an hard rockin version Pog Wild. it was the big string 
and i guess it just gave up and broke its core. i then tuned down the other three 
strings as played them sounding crappy while doing some killa chili peppers cover 

last monday i went down to the wino park to see Armstrong and Getty (talk 650 AM 
in the mornings) broadcasting from across the city hall. there were some freaks 
there, probably just bums. we wathced the show after i got home and you could see 
me walk across the park behind them, so thrilling and exiciting i could just die. 
I went by when i went to work round 8, then went back at 10 til 10 figuring i'd 
see them end the show. there were people argueing with them but i think the 
people were mainly just nuts that are too defensive about everything. they seemed 
offended and screamed racist if a white guy even said mexican or gay. I got lisa 
a photo signed by A and G just for laughs.

a few years ago i would have never though i'd like listening to talk radio but 
now i listen to it everyday. i guess its like reading stuff on the internet, fun 
to hear people talk about junk and its cool when they talk about stuff you know 
about. make you feel like a man, dont it boy? boy, what are you talking about?

I was up with Roan at 1-3 am last night. nothing funner than watching the rerun 
of the 11 oclock news and then an old dateline rerun. Sometime i'll put on a 
crappy movie like "christopher coloumbus" but i end up watching too much of it. 
most time i'm too tired to look for the remote.

I'm looking forward to the new real world that on this week, nothing more 
exiciting than watching lower 20 year olds sexing it up and fighting. of course 
celebrity bootcamp is on tonight. i hope David Faustino wins. good old Bud from 
Married with Children and one of the members of some hollywood b acters rap band 
with 'posse' in the name.