This is a test of the balh ablhjab lhasdfh

so i'm seeing if i am able to write daily takes from work again.
if it works then maybe there will be new ones. what a consept.

So it worked. now i can create daily takes just like in the old days. 

So i got up at 5am this morning when Roan woke up Lisa who then woke up me. I 
feed Roan and then figured i'd sleep from 530 to 625. but then realized that i 
should just get up and go into work an hour early. that way i wont get that 
terrible feeling that you get when you only sleep and hour and i can leave work 
early and not miss as much of the A's game that starts at 330pm. I love waiting 
for the bus as the sun starts to rise over Target. so much better than sleeping.

SO life with a new born, how is it? you ask.

Its pretty monotonous in the way that every couple-3 hours you have the feed the 
baby who starts crying. Also between feedings the baby is often awake and you 
have to hold her to stop her from crying. if she fussey then you have to keep 
changing holding positions to keep her from crying. basically its just a long 
battle against the baby's cry.  its kind of like balancing a pencil (lapiz) on 
the its eraser on a desk, its do able but sometimes takes a while and is annoying 
to do when you dont want to. i still need to buy a box of cigars to hand out to 
people when i tell them we had a baby.

So we refinanced our house and will save 150 bucks a month. that cool, for me 
atleast. it helps youse in now way at all. 200 of that 150 will go to baby 
formula and diapers.

the end

roan picture-o