I can more than you/ yo puedo mas que tu
Sunday morning, i'm sitting here trying to down load some MST3K
episodes. My monitor has lost it red power so everthing is tinted blue.
I'm still trying to figure out this BBedit lite program that i'm now
using for these web pages. the main problem is the word wrap, which isnt
being automatic so i have to hit return at the end of each line like on
of those manual typerwriters. I may have figured it out now. nope. thats
all real exciting, i know.

Yesterday i had to go and look for some Pergo for the hall floor and
some carpet for the baby room. i have some pergo from like two years ago
but it seems pergo has changed and the boards about a centimeter
narrower than before. but i found a crazy place that ordered me some of
the good old stuff.

story of the week, not for the weak: 
One of the guards att the capital
is this kind of short mexican guy. he's the one that asked me about the
math from Beautiful Mind. TOday he was talking to me asking if the
seismograph would pick up bombs. He also asked me if i was a scientist
and i said yes. He said he wishes he was a scientist and that it was the
path he should have took. and i said 'well its not to late' and he said
'no it is too late'. He then asked me what my theory of the universe is
and i just laughed and said i dont know i dont think about it unless its
like in a movie'. he then asked if i saw the Matrix and i said yes. He
also said he was a musical scientist. It was weird and it seems weirder
now that i'm thinking of it again. if the pen breaks over the weekend
and i have to go in monday morning then maybe he'll be there again.}