Do people still remember y2k? does the 1902 thing make any
sence anymore?

SO now that IS my computer, we're going to see some
changes around here. Maybe even new pages about things like living with
a baby, once the baby is here. THe problem now is that i'm not getting
paid to do this. Oh well. hopefully i'll be so insane from lack of sleep
i'll post junk about poopy baby diaper. I still have to migrate all the
stuff from over to  there so much crap that was
never updated, no links to other sites that still live.

So the daily take will live on, atleast for Ed Hunters sake. i can see
in the logs that he checks for a new one 6 times a day every day except
the 3rd monday.

so if there s a time when is down (and not in the cool
way), its probably because i'm playing starcrap and got the firewall
setting messed up or i'm editing music or someone (link) turned the
computer off.

the end .... or is it?