Do people still remember y2k? does the 1901 thing make any sence anymore?

So i sold the beemer yesterday. a loyal car that i had for 5.5 years. 1981 320i bought with

98K miles on it and i added about 40K over the last 5 years. I never feared it breaking down

on me. drove it to LA and drove it to redding. i remember coming because to sacto after some

 redding Bananas show and driving fast enough to make the needle point straight down (probably

going about 45). driving back from redding as fast as i could to try to get home before

i fell asleep. I think it was also the beemer that i fell asleep at the wheel coming

back from a bananas gilman show. the funny part was that i doozed off in like west sacto.

luckily the little turtle bumps woke me before i drove into the median, that and lisa yellin'

for me to wake up. That was also the car dave smith borrowed and got pulled over by 4 cop cars

after running a red light infront of them. that was also the car i would take to the shooting

range and drive 15 minutes on gravel road and do donuts nad fishtail around corners until

parts of the car started falling off the bottom. That was the car that i put my

Junkyard ohnny sticker on the wrong side of the window so the lettering was backwards

(the J for Johnny was missing when i bought it). That was the car that had the other 

"Alf for President" sticker which Jay and i bought at a sacto sci-fi con. It also had a 

gay bubblily Nar sticker and a NRA 'heston is my president' sticker that bill bought a

couple of when he was bored once. That was the car lisa convinced me to go through a free

car wash in santa cruz and the car wash broke of the antennea (which had a planet of the

apes head on top) and shot soapy water through the sun roof seal.

there were lots of things wrong with it too, but i'm bored and typing.

the end