weak end report oct duo duo

Friday: Lisa and i went to the gym with Bill and Karen. then went and got

 dinner at Tres Hermanas afterwards. After that went back to b
ill and

 karens and drank beer and played pictionary. Lisa and i are the best team

 at pictionary, so we altered teams by playing Bill and I versus Lisa and

 Karen. It was a close game but bill and i won. Later Dave Smith and Ann

 came over and Lisa a
nd I beat everyone. Board games til 2 am.

Saturday: woke up at like 11 or noon. went to NationWide Burgers at its

 new location, over by where lisa and i used to live in an apartment. Good

 burgers. Jay and Joel came over and we did over dubs for t
he new 4 eyes 7

 inch. The songs have about 14 tracks of stuff. We added gregorian mink

 chanting backing vocals. Its pretty fun, but it took like 5 hours to do

 three songs.

That night Thrillhouse played at Primos. There were a lot of people there.

 Primos Swiss Club is a bar in Oak Park on Broadway (not the best area).

 We were the only band playing and we needed to bring a PA (i.e mic and

 extra bass amp). A lot of people showed up for the 10-15 minute

 Thrillhouse set. it was pretty fun. The
 stage is slightly raised alcove

 about 5 feet from the bar. We got there and found that the only

 electricity was one out let, so we had to go get a power strip. Joel got

 this show of Tattoo, some red licorice booze that just tasted like syrup.

wa ssuper red, though, made is look like you had blood coming out of

 you month. After the show lisa and i went to dennys, i had had a dream

 about pancakes the night before but i didnt get pancakes, because i didnt

 really want them then.

 Slept til noon. Got Del Taco for lunch. Got sucked into watching

 Higher Learning, which is a terrible movie, i spent a lot of time

 thinking about how bad it was that day. After Higher Learning we watched

 Junior, movie where Arnold has a baby. Prett
y stupid movie, i wanted to

 know if the baby would have an umbilicle chord, but they didnt show, by

 the end of the movie i didnt care anyways. After that i had to get ready

 for Junk day. Junk day is a great day where you can put out a pile of

 and the city comes by and picks it up for free. I threw out lots of

 board with nails in them and boxes with styrafoam. There was also junk

 like my parents old 386 and a chair that bill broke and some busted rain

 gutters i toar down. The cool thing 
about junk day is it brings out the

 Junk Marauders who drive around in trucks looking at peoples junk to find

 treasures. This one lady in a blazer came by twice last night and then i

 saw her this morning looking through my pile again. Thing i should

 done: got the comcorder box that i threw away, filed it with a couple

 pieces of wood and a bunch of Link's logs, then put a sticker on it that

 says 'works'. that way they'd think there was a camera and it would just

 be dog turds, that would 
learn em.