A day to remember

so i was awoken at 8:30 am by my sister calling. she lives in LA and my 
parents were down there visiting her. I was supposed to be on tour but i 
had come home early due to tape worms (i.e. stomach sickness) and had 
mentioned flying up to washington to meet up with the tour to my mom when 
i talked to her last. So my sister called because my mom told her to tell 
me not to fly due to the plane crashes. I was like, 'what place craches' 
then my sister tells me two planes have crashed into the world trade 
towers and one into the pentagon. i was like 'what she talking about those 
places are in different states' so i get off the phone and tell lisa that 
'planes have crashed into the world trade towers and pentagon' and turn on 
the tv. we see this is true and go 'holy moley'. It was like some dream 
i;d have that i would think would have made a good network televisaion 
movie 'Terrorist Attack.' but it really happened. I was supposed to be on 
vacation so i didnt have to call into work. I gave lisa a ride to work and 
then went home and watched the news for a few hours. THen i ripped a door 
out of the garage and i got some thing in my eye that hurt like shiva. i 
kept trying to get it out my sticking my finger in my eye and shooting it 
with the sprayer on the sing facet. this didnt work. lisa came home but 
was too grossed out by eyes to look for the thing so i figured id go with 
her to her eye doctor appointment and see if he'd look at my eye. so i had 
this thing in my eye for like 4 hours, it felt like a little rock. So 
we;re driving on the highway for the two minutes it takes to get to the 
eye doctor and i notice the thing isnt in my eye any more, the wind on the 
highway must have blew it out. the doctor looked at my eye enyways and 
said that its all scratched up and if it gets infected and puss/blood 
comes out to come back for eye meds. Puss coming out of an eye would be 
pretty sick. He said my eye should feel better in like 7 hours, its still 
blurry now tho, 4 hours later.
So lisa and i put our US flag up in front of our house and counted 20.5 
flags up around the nieghborhood on a dog walk (the .5 flag was kind of 
gay and was kind of a heart that was red white and blue). Mike Savage on 
the radio said to stock up on ammo and food and that gas was going up, he 
said that in kansas city its already like 5 bucks a gallon. joel called 
and realised that i wouldnt be flying up to meet them since all air flight 
have been cancelled. the seismograph at the capital is probably runnith 
over since it was supposed to be changed today. I think we're watching 
Momento tonight, the documentary about Dr Demento or something.
I just though Id write about this since the guy on the news said this day 
will be one that people always will remember where they were and what they 
were doing. Other days like this i can think of would be oct 17, 1989 
during the Loma Prieta earthquake and sept 18, 1999 wedding day, those are 
the only two days i can currently think of the date and what i was doing. 
SO i figure i wont remember 9/11/01 in a couple week so i'd type it out 
and have it lost in the internet for some crazed Daveninja fan to dig up 
in 5 years.

the end