...and not have to pay the kill-tax

A crazy old guy yelled at me today. He was saying something about garlic
or something. It was then that i realized crazy old people/bums are good
because they're easy to out run if they bug you too much. I also figured
if you gave them a tech-tech-a-roo-tech kick to the hip you would
probably shatter it, and then they wouldnt be able to git you as well.
Also an All-you-con punch to the chest would probably make dust come out.
Yup, if they're old enough, i could probably take them. They should start
having pay-per-view events that have young kids vs old people in UFC
style. I'd watch that. 

As Dave smith said once, while blinded by an alcohol shield of arrogance,
"Up the Academy is for fags, that why I, Dave Smith, like it." So I'm
searching for the Laserdisc of Up the Academy (1980). Its the best movie
ever of this summer.

So Lisa came back from bananas tour with a bunch of fireworks. no monkey
drives, they were banned due to kids tieing real monkeys to rocket cars
and blowing them up. Glowing Snakes have been banned in Kalifornia due to
kids being blinded due to putting the snake in their eye and lighting it,
which is an honest mistake due to the firework-in-eye gag that hollywood,
liberal, pinko movies lie on the kids of this great nation. Just because
Bill thinks Margot Kidder is hot, means she is in the first superman, but
lesser in the rest.

the end