Its muggin time

So i just got done re-reading all the daily takes, pretty funny stuff, man
terrible grammer and spelling, must be this computer thats screwing me up
because it cant be the public school system, no sir-e bob. The dailt takes
are good because i can look back a read about crap i dont remember.

so its supposed to be like 103 today. When i got to work at 7:50am it was
87 degrees on our floor and they water wasnt running. I just sat here
sweating for a while. I pulled out this old fan that had been sitting
around unused for years and plugged it in, the blade moved at like 1
revolution every second, i.e. very slow, it was almost funny. Now the AC
has kicked in and its a livable temperature in here.

Last Friday I tok a day off and watched Zardoz. I needed the day to
recover from getting shocked at the 4 eyes/zagnuts show. Friday night i
pitched the first 2 innings at the Kitten Kats vs Last Minute Deal
softball game. We lost by like 20 to 2. After the game everyone went to
Infernos and got beer and pizza, it was really hot in there. Then lisa and
i went home and dave smith and allison came over and watched Willa Wonkas
Chocloate Factory on laserdisc, then after that watched some of Shanghi
Noon, which was on Starz at like 1 am and i kept falling asleep.

People have been annyoning me with their cell phones so much that i
decided pay back was in order, so lisa and i got a cell phone. You can
play tetris on it and program it so it plays Hat Nerd when Jay or Joel

end the end