It's my obsession

So I am currently obsessed with not being Tom Green. Every once and a
wihle I'll do something that makes me think "thats something tom green
would do and people would laugh". I have to stop my self from doing that
kind of stuff. I just worry that some on will laugh at what im doing and
think "gee, this guy is funny, he must get it from watching and loving tom
green". Joel and i were playing on the computer and record a free style
rap song about sitting on the tolet taking a poo. During my part i
realized that i was just saying the same thing over and over and it made
me think of that tom green song about putting his butt on things. It was
at that momment that i decided that i needed to stop so i derived a plan
where i would cut myself everytime i did something wrong that way i would
associate the pain with my mistakes and stop doing mistake for fear of the
pain. Then i figured i'd call myself a cutter, after the guys in Breaking
Away (stone cutters kids, the college prepies would call them Cutters).
THen i saw 7nth Heaven and they had a cutter girl and it turned out it was
a real problem with teens and it had been exposed to the public by Tom
Green in his Xmas Dont be a Cutter Special on MTV. Some days one is just
bound to be the meathead.