will it never end?

So, its offical, Robocop 2 is the longest 2 hour movie in the world.  And
robocop 2 is the one with the Elvis casket/coffee table and the brain in
the jar that has a spine and eyes that look around. just wanted to clear
that up.

this sunday lisa and i went to the huge tower /skips music clearance sale
over on that place on watt down the street from the other tower places.
it was nutso, lots of cars and there were fake-cops directing the parking
lot.  We went to the skips side first because there were more people on
the tower side.  We ended up buying a guitar case (backpack style) for
mike r mikes birthday present, a mic stand with mic holder and a 3 dollar
guitar strap.  then we went to the tower side and got a bunch of crap.
they had 2.99 laser discs (half of them were waynes world 2). i got i know
what you did last summer, scream 2, robocop 2, the substitute and the dark
half.  They had t shirts for 3 for 10 bucks, got an Apo(from simpsons)
shirt, lisa got 2 pokemon shirts, got a 'the world is not enough' shirt
thats funny because its really dumb.  We then went to jack in the box and
decided that we should go back and get a hard shell bass case for 79
bucks. We went back got the case and some bass strings. The chick rang up
the case as 69 bucks so we got a better deal.  We also picked up a bunch
of older Mac software CDROMs for 1 buck each (battle chest color, bad
mojo, star trek omnipedia, flashback and lisa got a quiltting thing). So
we went home to play with the crap and found that the bass case wouldnt
close right. it must have got bashed during delivery to skips, one of the
latches was broken.
luckily i called skips and they said i could bring it in to they're real
store (i didnt want to go back to the clearance place). So we got smithy
and went out there and they have a new case on order for me.
and we bought a kazoo at the music store.

the end