Dog Face

So there i was yesterday, sitting down and formatting my hard drive.  I
had been planning out my partitioning all day and i finnally got to do it.
I have a 30 gig 7200 rpm, 6 gig 5400 rpm, and a 8.6 gig unknown rpm.  The
6 gig was the system disk that came with the G3. But i figured that i'd
remove the 6 gig; put the 30 gig on the ATA33 bus (partition off two 4 gig
spaces to use as system 8.6 and for a future Os X, and the remaining 20
gigs would be used for applications).  I then Put the 8.6 gig on to one of
my ATA66 busses, it will eventually be replaced with an IBM deskstar75 45
gig 7200rpm disk to be used to record video and music (perfect for the
time i get my digi 001 8 track input break out box).  I'll use the other
ATA66 buss for a future 80 gig drive (probbaly 5400 rpm, due to cost) that
will be storage of music/mp3s and digital video crap.
So i set up my drives and put my futurama icons on them, Bender for the
recording drive, lela for the OS8.6 drive, the old DR for the Os X drive
and Fry for the application drive (ziodberg is the RAm disk that is used
for netscape cache).
So this is when the story begins:
	After we got Link and named him Link, we thought we should have
named him Fry. Not that it matters now because he responds to "Dog Face"
better than Link.

the end