The dingo made me do it

Smith keeps buggin' me to put this up for a daily take.
"I cant wait for Rollins to play the Punchline on his 40 years/40 onces 
comedy tour.  I heard that Rollins is so intense, he ages 2 years for
every single human year (or was that dogs)." Me

So the Warcraftfest 2001 was on saturday, in the game between Jay, Joel
and I, Jay won.  It was an hour and a half game.  The game after that was
joel vs I, and I won after 3 hours.  I had my computer set up to talk when
other people said stuff to me, but the talking vioce was singing in a pomp
and circumstance melody.  SO joel could type in numbers like
928374827364872364827364827643827643827364 and it would start singing "9
hunder and twenty eight oct-trillian..."

Rented Bless the Child last night and almost fell asleep but didnt (first
movie i can say that for since, Bring it On).  It sucked but wasnt the
worst. With reviews like these I should be come a film critic.

stop looking at me