So i was walking from work to the mall to get a present for my wife (a
gameboy battery pack because sometimes the gameboy gets unplugged by the
dog when he sits on the cord and you loose your high score, like i did
when i was doing the best ever at Kirby Pinball).  Anywho it was like 1
and almost raining out and im waiting to cross 8th street and this weird
in a letter jacket comes up and stands besides me as im waiting to cross
the street.  Then as were crossing he starts talking to me, well more like
yelling at me, like you know.  But he was saying stuff like "sacramento
doesnt get it, you dont understand that there are 49 states out there that
hate you, 400 million people that want you dead, 400 million that want to
come [kick your ass] (i cant remember what exactly he said), I was, like,
'oh yeah, huh' and he was like you dont even know or care and i was 'no, i
dont know' then i walked faster.  My 20/20 hidesight responces: 'why' and
'tell them to bring it on, we'll take on anyone, sacramento rules, man,
its the city of a beer!'.  The guy was a weirdo, he had screwy teeth, he
had one middle tooth that was like twice as long as the others, i couldnt
tell if it was the one left of the middle or right of the middle, it was
that screwy, come on, you with me out there dentists?

Time has come for the revenge of the nerds.