I had a dream last night that i was at a inside flea market place and i
was with Jay form the 4 eyes and Cris Mark (i knew him in high school, he
moved the Japan to collect pokemons).  I was buying records from Eugene
Levy (SCTV guy who has been in every john candy movie, he was the other
guy in armed and Dangerous).  He had a box of 7 inchers and two boxes of
comics.  I was flipping through the records and cris mark was watching and
jay was looking through comics.  I pulled out a couple Mummies records (i
have no idea why i had mummies records in my dreams, its not like i listen
to them much, i think one of the two or three mummies records i have has
never been played) and my close personal friend, cris mark, grabbed the
second Captain Crunch record (one of the only 2(?) santa cruz bands),
Dinosaurs are Back.  I knew it was Eugene Levy  and he was talking about
he was Eugene Levy, but i couldnt think of what i could ask Eugene Levy.
This dream made me realise that i have to be more prepared to meet Eugene
Levy so i'll prepare a list now:
Top X Things to say to Eugene Levy:
X)Hey, Hows it going?
X-1)I bet most people know you as the Dad from American Pie, that movie
sucked, wanta fight?
X-2)How much for this Sex Pistols record and Man Thing Comic?
X-3)Yes, i would like frys with that.
X-4)So whats Denis Miller like.*
and the top thing to say to Eugene Levy)So whens Spaceballs 2 coming out.

Thanks you thank you

The Four Eyes Annual xmas show is coming up
at the loft on Monday Dec 18 and 6:30pm
3 hours of the four eyes, lots of covers and probably our new record for
sale at a discount of an inflated price.

*This in a reference to when i met Henry Rollins when he played in santa
Cruz.  He had been on the Denis Miller show like a month before so i asked
what Denis Miller was like.  he thought i was insinuating that he was a
fag so
he tryed to kick my ass.  But i showed him, Mr Muscles cant deal with a
guy running and screaming like a girl.  Anywho it was one of the Dumbest
things that i have ever said