Guy getting shot at arcade story

ok now that i scared everyone off by making em think i was retelling this
story again... I can start on the really story which is even dumber, well
i havent come up with it yet, but id bet it was dumber.  Everyone should
check out its pretty
funny.  Buckner and Garcia are the duo that made the PacMan Fever LP.
They talk about some later songs like 'i love you E.T' (about the olien)
and about a song about Pogs.  You can download a song by them about Mr T
as well.  Steve Mar is going to buy me their 2 CDs using his dot com

This week ive been spending all my time at work downloading MAMEs.  Mame
is Multi Arcade machine Emulator or something like that.  Basically its a
program that will play arcade game ROMs.  You can download the ROM to
about any game from before 1993-4 and play it on you home computer.  Well
most of you cant, but i can.  you see it takes a super-hero-evil-genius to
be able to get this mad-machine-game to work.  Luckily When i was ajusting
my 20 inch satalite dish during a rain storm, I was stuck by lightning and
put out of my misery.  Only then was i not dead and it turned out the
lightning bolt that stuck me had gone through a cargo plane overhead that
was caring a shippment of Raver brand SmartDrinks (their motto
"SmartDrinks: will make up for the fact that you were dumb enough to
rave") and it hit me.  Now i be super smart and all and i love the Mortal
Kombat Rave theme.  And i can also play video games, which was the point
to this whole story.

and now something you all been waiting for:

   "Medley..." - Stars On 45
   Written by Anthony Vita
   Stars on 45 was a group of studio vocalists and musicians assembled by
   producer Jaap Eggermont in Holland to record a medley of songs
   inspired by a bootleg single.
   You see, in Holland there was a 12'' bootleg single that was being
   sold under the counter for what would be $10 American dollars. The
   bootleg was a medley of popular songs by the original artists edited
   together so that it could be played in discos.
   The idea to produce a smiliar, yet legal, medley of songs was proposed
   to Jaap Eggermont, a former drummer for the Dutch pop group Golden
   Jaap immediately got to work and selected two songs from the bootleg,
   like "Sugar Sugar" and "Venus"...then he added numerous Beatles tunes
   to make the Fab Four the focus of the recording. He then managed to
   get lead singers from various Dutch acts to record the songs...and
   sing them like the Beatles.
   Each tune was recorded separately and edited later into what would
   become a single consisting of at least 20 edits. The song was
   originally intended to be an 11 and a half minute, 12" single release.
   The producers couldn't even think of releasing it as a standard 3
   minute single. Well, in order to get on the radio, the song was edited
   down to some three and half minutes and wound up topping the Dutch
   Before too long the tune spread to other countries, including the
   United States. When it came here, however, clearance problems led to a
   couple of songs being deleted from the U.S. single version....and it
   also led to an identity crisis for the title of the song. In Europe it
   was known as "Stars On 45". For the American release, publishers
   insisted the titles of all the songs be included in the title. The
   result was a 41 word title that became the longest title for any
   number 1 song...let alone any song to ever enter the charts.
   This success of this song sparked more medleys which contained songs
   by The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder and even Abba.