a poo in the sky is worth two in the

Its been like 2 years since i wrote a daily thingie.
lets see, i want to orange county for a software class for a week.
did some other stuff.  and now we're all caught up.

i had jury duty (not the pauly shore movie, buuuddy) like two weeks ago.
I was last in line for the jury call (we near last).  It was for a
criminal trial.  They asked everyone "do you own a gun", "have you ever
shot a gun" and "what are you thoughts on the current gun control laws".  
Everyone except me was dumb.  Most gave answers like "no guns", "need more
restrictions" "guns keep killing babies."  It was pretty torturific for
me.  The attoneys kept passing people and i finally got my turn.  WHen i
went up i was kind of smiling and laughing because it was funny for me to
go up there.  I sat across from the court reporter and i kept laughing
because it looked funny, her typing on that thar lil machinie.  Then the
judge asked if i knew anyone who has been a witness or victim of a violent
crime.  I told the story of being in an arcade and haveing a guy there get
shot.  The judge asked what game i was playing and what game the victim
was playing i said "yo, beotch, i was playin' Sameri Showdown, beotch, and
he wasa playin' Mortail KommmBat twoo" and i held that 'twoo' for a long
time and started jumping around doing 'allyoucans' the ken.ryu move from
street fighter 2.  Then i told him about a guy i kind of know named dave
smith or jones or something, who was gay and got beat up in reno for
snoring too loud.  The judge asked why he was gay and i said 'he told me
it was like a taking a poop and i kept going back in."  The judge said
"its not liek that at all".  And then i came back to reality and checked
my email at lunch time.  Then the judge asked me if i owned any guns, most
people so far said no or like one, but i said "well, i think i got around
12, rifles, pistols, shotguns..." and then he asked what i thought about
gun laws, most people said "dont care" or "need more restricitons" but i
said "im against all gun laws, they're just a bunch of feel-good
legislation that just makes criminals out of law abiding citizens,
beotch".  He said "you're hire."

and thats how i got three felonies and a misdeamnor.

the end