Do not confuss this with giberish, it is all true if you

Alf is an angel, its plain and simple.  Thus alf is lord.  here are the
main points for my story:

1)Alf fell from the sky, angel live in the sky and they fall to earth like
alf.  So alf would have to be an angel or John Glenn, and alf aint no fag.
Thus alf is lord.

2)Alf eats cats, angels fly like eagles and eagles eat cats.  thus alf is

3)Alf help an Eye-Talian boy through some hard times and angles like to
have sex with gay men.  Thus Alf is lord.

4)Alf kicks ass on guys, and angles kill people (proof: the movie Dogma
and the bible).  Thus alf is lordy.

5)Alf dressed up like the Boss and played music like Dire Straigts.
Angels give me diarehhae and boss me around.  Thus alf is lordo.

6)some people dont think alf is real and somepeople think angels are
fictional characters, thus blah balh blah.

7)Alf starred in a movie with Martin Sheen, Christopher Lloyd starred in
'angels in the outfield' and he was also in 8 Men Out with John Cusack,
who was in Pushing Tin with Angelia Jolie who was in Girl, Interrupted
with Wynnona Ryder who was in Edward Scissorhands with Johny Dept who was
in Platoon with Charlie Sheen who is the Son of and has the Same last name
as Martin Sheen.  Thus Alf is lord

8)Ive never seen alf urinate in public, and ive never seen angels urinate
in public. Thus Alf is lorda.

This is just part of the list of evidence that makes the List for 'spud
mackensie = robot" look like a short list.

vote alf for lord in 2000!!