Its Dr Doom, of course

im trying to think of something exciting to tell.  I tryed to hook up a
dishwasher and made a big mess, due to the stupid air gap (which i dont
understand at all), but hooked it up differently and alls fine, not too
exciting of a story.

saturday night dave smith and candice came over and we watched Cannibal
Holocaust and Blade Runner.  Cannibal holocaust is pretty good in a bad
way, just lots of stuff to shock you, like happiness.  Its banned in the
US because of the animal cruelty.  The worst scene in my opinion is when a
guide helper catches a muskrat 'a muskrat, tonight we'll have fresh meat'
hes holding it by the back of the neck and he start sticking it with a
knife through the throat, but it doesnt die because he keeps missing the
main parts, so its just squirming and he keeps poking it.  
The movie has good music, like sweet music they play when people are
getting burned alive.  its worth seeing just so you can say 'i saw that

During blade Runner i fell asleep, i wish i liked that movie more, its a
good movie but it just bores the crap out of me.  'he says you brade

The bananas and the four eyes are going to start a super group called 'The
Batittas.'  It will have duet songs with mike r mike and joel b joel.  Jay
will drum, scott on guitar and lisa and i will play bass and keyboard.
This way we can tour as three bands.