Only half an hour away.

Ive almost done it, a complete day with out doing any work.  I have to
spread out some papers and books so i can say i was working on my
database.  Man today has been boring, though.

Yesterday morning i came up with an idear for a short film called 'Never
Face Again' and thats all i'll say about it for now.

So i finally got a kitchen sink in, it took like 4 times of putting the
sink on the temporary counter (plywood) before i got it right.  The sink
weighs like 60 lbs too, fun lifting, i just have to remember to lift wit
hte back not the legs.  Now im trying to figure out the dishwasher. real

Watched a couple Soderberg movies, the limey and out of sight.  They're
ok, worth seeing.  The limey has parts that are edited without the
temporal continuem in mind.  So parts are like a puzzle that you're trying
to figure out.  Has enough 'killing guys' in it to be entertaining.

lisa and i are going to the state fair on sunday.  cant wait to get a emu
corndog.  We always go in the morning and are there til ten (for the
fireworks).  Long day with lots of money spent on cola.  I hope i win big
at the track so i can pay off my gun debt and buy a vacuum and stove.

smith got featured in a photo gun essay in News and review.  They hacked
up what he said and made him sound like a 'fag who hates cops and wants to
kill cops with his pistol because hes gay'.  'they;re neat, i like them.'
yeah, whatever mr smith, its people like you that make the good old boys
loose their gun rights.  why dont you just go and listen to you Body Count
records and leave the poor people alone, you rich churchie.  Im glad the
guy never called me back, its way too easy for me to look like an idiot
and i would end up saying somehting like 'yeah im going to kill a bunch of
kids with my assault rifles because i hate jews' when i really trying to
say that i wouldnt do that because i want some juice.  

ok im done here