friday night something

So im not doing anything so i figure i'll write a daily take, but now im
writing i cant think of a thing to write.  Once joel and i were at the
arcade in santa cruz (the arcade is gone now along with all other
non-boardwalk arcades).  We were playing games (i was playing Sameri
Showdown).  And then theres a pop on the other side of the arcade (it was
a pretty small arcade).  Well it turns out some gango shot and other gango
in the back while the second gango was playing mortal combat 2.  Everyone
jump behind machines to hide and i did too.  As soon as it was clear i
went back to my game and waited for the cops to show up.  The cops did
show up and i dont htink they talked to me because i ended getting
someones free credits on Star Trek Next Generation pinball.  The guy got
shot in the back like the kidneys area.  He was walking around with his
hand over the hole.  There was a little blood on the carpet infron t of
the mortal combat 2 machine.  The bullet casing was also left there too.
It must have been a 22 or 25 because it wasnt too loud and it didnt hurt
the guy much.  I htink the gango who got shoot took off to go to the
hospital with his gringos before the cops showed up.  You dont want the
cops getting in you business, esse.  You take matters into you own hands
and seek revenge.  Finger Man, FINGERMAN!!!!!.