The date around may 24th , 199something

something = the year gg died

I bought joel a gg allin and the murder junkies (im pretty sure it was the
murder junkies) ticket for his birthday.  Joel had some gg records and
listened to them too many times.  He was once giving blood at a blood
drive at high school and he was listening to gg on a walkman.  The nurse
told him not to flex his arm as they put the needle in, but he couldnt
hear because gg was too loud so he said "flex?" and flexed and burst a
blood vessel or something.  He couldnt give blood and they made him put an
ice pack on his arm for a while.

so anywho, joel and i went to SF in his tercel to see GG at club no name.
It was an 18 and over show and we werent 21 yet so the bouncer took longer
to make sure our ids werent fake.  We go in and the Insaints are just
near the end of their set.  I htink they had like two chicks making out on
stage nude or somthing.  i just remember that the singer chick chucked a
mike stand into the crowd and i thought 'gee davey, that would probably
kill you if the base hit your head'.  The club had a loft area that had
two stairways to it so a lot of people were watching from there.  

Evcentually GG came out.  He was only wearing a toque and boots.  He was
really sick looking.  He fought with people in the crowd that were dumb
enough to stand close (like tough hipsters that are just looking for a
fight).  He grab a chick was was hitting or laying on the lfoor with her
and her boyfriend started to fight gg and a bouncer pulled him away.  GG
was just insane just walking around like a drunk robot.  Eventually he did
the 'microphone in the ass' and 'hit forehead with microphone til it
bleeds'.  They he took a crap and started running around.  Joel and i
wererunning toward the stairs with most of the rest of the crowd. I
remeber hearing someone say 'hes going throw it!' and thinking i beater
cover my head.  Joe land i got up to the loft/balconey place and watched
form their.  A little later We lost sit of GG for a minute and he appeared
on the balconey, i guess he climbed up the front or somehting.  Anyways
everyone on the balconey was running away.  I was going down a flight of
stairs on my knees just using the banister to hold me up from getting
trampled.  It was pretty scary.  Joel got stuck up oin the balconey with
GG but GG didnt get him.  Then GG played some more i think, and eventually
paraded off into the streets of San Francisco.  Then a bunch of cops
showed up and we left.

the whole way home we just talked about how we would never see GG live
again unless he was in a cage.  We were right.  GG died like a month or
two later.

A while after that Hated the GG allin movie came out and were went with
The bananas and Los huevos to see it.  It was good and it had a short film
before it about a guy who goes around and kills bald eagles.  He also
would get porno mags and draw clothes on the pictures.

Tongiht is Movie night and we're showing Hated on DVD.