a funny hat

So last thursday was the night of the uppercrust, the no kill i,
pumpkinseeds, the four eyes show at the press club.  We were the opening
band so we got there around 8 and the uppercrust guys where set up and
jamming, so we said forget this and joel and i went to smiths house.  Got
beer watched tv and then went back and the same thing was going on.  sat
around with jay 4eyes and played some sex trivia.  Then they gave us some
drink tickets which i used right away and we set up crap.  No one was
there so i called smiths house and said we were playing right now so
they'd get there and nothing would be happening.  They fell for it.  We
finally played after standing there and talking about our pot oriented
costumes for a while (joel was a drug dealing gangsta from the beachflats,
jay was a old dot com hemp selling hippie who lived in felton and i was
willow the 420 library smoking UCSC student with dreads and a hat that
said 'raygay'.  I had drank too fast and couldnt remember how to play any
songs.  But eventaully started paying attention.  Then we ended.

Lisa bought me another beer. and i sat with bill and jeph playing tv
trivia and other games on the touch screen game.  I guess the pumpkinseeds
played then because i dont reember much about it.  Then the no kill i
played and set off a firework that smoked up the place.  They were pretty
tame and there was no real fighting.  I think their gimic was for one
member to try and tell a joke or talk and have two other people start
talking at the same time, so nothing would make any sence.

lastly and lately and longely, uppercrust played.  they had a acdc rock
sound and played for like an hour.  they were dressed like frech ren
period nobles with white face and wigs and pantaloens.  They were funny.
There was a shirtless guy moshing and his friend was pouring beer and
water on him.  They eventually started spinning each other around during
the last song.  And the shirtless guy end up cracking his noodle open on
dave downeys Peavey amp.  He got blood everywhere and some got on lisa's
leg so she got mad and had to go and clean it off to fight the AIDS virus
that it may have contained.  She said she could hear guys in the bathroom
screeming things like 'keep pressure on it, are you a doctor, you're going
to need stiches'.

other stuff happened too