Whata you wanta fer nothing?

So im going to open an Eyetalian eatery.  Every tuesday we're going to
have all you can eat spagetti and it will be called:  Mission
In-Pasta-Bowl.  Pretty clever, eh?  Sometimes being the smartest man in
the world amuzies myself, sometimes.  Ive been goofing off too much at
work so they had to give me a raise.  So i came in early to goof off
extra.  lets see what happened this weekend.  Lisa and i pergoed the
kitchen/dining room.  I bought a table saw at sears.  Smith got a free
simpsons BBQ by wining a dance contest at Faces.  

The milhouse "new boy in the neighborhood, lives downstairs and is
misunderstood, says he'll take good care of me, like im part of the
family" Char;les in charge, called at 1 am and left this message "herione
is not the answer, laugh laugh" and then "stan are you there stan, pick up
the phone stan"  but not "dave open up, whose there, its dave, daves not
here man, come on open up its dave, daves not here man" or "i like
cookies, i like cakes, as y7ou can tell i like to bake, its a cooking
show, time to go solo".

up yours, make 7