i just wanted to use the title of dunstin checks in.  So today im really
bored.  I bought a whole house fan on the internet.  The annoying guy here
at work can into my cubicle and started talking about my map im working
on.  I was ignoring him hoping he'd go away but he didnt he kept talking
about crap that wasnt my work 'what about this fault on the map' 'i just
lifted the faults from another map so i dont know' 'ok, but what about
this fault...'  It was pretty bad, but it got worse, ohh yeah.  Because it
started to stink because he farted (i didnt hear it so maybe it was just
passing gas).  Nothing in my life has been worse that that moment (not
including other worse stuff).

this afternoon ive had nothing to do so i read some basic stuff about
earthquakes, but there wasnt enough killing so i got bored and went onto
the internet.

Last night was joels birthday (well actaully the whole day was) and we
(like ten of us) went to Homotown Buffet over on watt/el camino.  So much
stuff happened that i'll just try to think on one thing for each person
who went.  
me-i kept trying to get dillon to eat the hot fudge sunday cake, but he
wouldnt until i told him it was warm, then he didnt like it but i insisted
it was good.
Lisa-laughed a lot when Noel ate dillons left over sunday cake with salsa
mixed in.
Noel-thought the cake with salsa wouldnt be as bad but ended up gagging on
it, i geuss onions and chocolate dont taste well together.
Joel-Just kept eating and complaining about the sun being in his eyes.
Jay-rea;lly hated the sweet and sour sausage pappies and fish portions
Natalie-gave joel a present on jello with hot fudge sause (joel wanted to
see what it looked like), then every one had to try it
Hillary-actually ate of lot of food for not eating meat
Brian-got a warcraft tattoo on his arm and a flurry
Daven-ate more than anyone else but tryed to keep it quiet
bradon-got coffee when we were abotu to leave and drove
dillon-got a bunch of cheesecake before realizing it tasted terrible (as
always because it cut with crysco to save money), so he smushed it all up
and kept eating it.

the end