Well, what do you have to say now, maximus?

I figured i'd better get the Mayly take in before the month is out.  Ive
actaully been busy at work with this earthquake map that im a co-author
on.  If you';re bored you can go to www.kdvs.org and look at the schedule
and click on 'live in stdio A" and hear the 4 eyes live on the radio. It
will be up til may 25th.  Also look at www.mp3.com/TheFourEyes
for a bunch of dumb stuff and a lame song to download.  The mayly take
will just ended being adds for 4 eyes crap.  

I went ot a gov coimputer expo (it weas free),  i got a bag and just
walked around taking free candy and crap.  Exabyte had a booth and i saw
some heffer getting a couple shirts so i went and up and stood around
waiting to be offered a shirt.  But they just ignored me, the i asked the
guy if i coulds have a shirt and he said 'we dont just give them away' so
i tryed to talk about exabyte crap but he was just a dick so i called him
a jerk and left without a shirt.  I talked to a girl at the apple booth
just because they were there.  I think i know as much about macs as she
did.  They didnt have any cool apple stuff.  There was a booth with an
Austin Powers look alike guy.  He was terrible looked so bad id just keep
laughing.  Then i walked around and thought of how bad he looked and would
start laughing and people would flash -crazy guy- looks to me.  I should
have started fighting the austin powers guy for no reason, that would have
made for a better story.  One booth had it where you put-put into a hole
for a Payday bar, but payday has no chocolate so i missed the hole.