Team work

so the night before last i was woken up at 4:30am by the sound of a cat
(assumed Burgie) puking in the hall.  SO i got up so i could pee and then
clean up the puke before someone stepped in it.  When i got out of the
bathroom i realized the dog was in the hall eating the cat puke.  I tryed
to pull him off but he was too percistant and had already eaten like 90%
of it.  So i let him finish the job.  The probably was a hair ball that he
ate up too.  So this is the dogs new trick, cleaning up after the cats.  I
always like how the cats are meowing because their starving, then i feed
them and one will throw up and the other cat will eat the throw up and
then the pukey kittie will start meowing because its hungery again.  What
a vicious round thing.  Anywho, after the dog at the cat food he was
energized my that extra vitimin they put in cat food and he wouldnt stop
making noise so he had to be put down.. i mean outside.  Later i found
more cat puke on the other side of the dogs baby gate.  So he was all
hyper because there was puke for him to eat that was just taunting him a
couple feet away.

Last night lisa and i went with jay and natalie to see the wrestling movie
"beyond the Mat".  It was really good.  It had Jake the snake robert
talking after he just smoked crack.  Jake roberts also talked about how
being a wresling superstar messed up your sex life because when you're on
the road there are always girls to do you.  Then one a day isnt enough so
you do two a day, then three a day, then two at a time, then two at a time
with toys, then two at a time just watching, and after all that when you
go home to your wife you just arent interested anymore.  It also had good
stuff with Mick Foley as Mankind.  He gets his head busted open and after
the match the take him in the back and have a plastic surgeon waiting to
sew him up, and it was a pretty nasty cut.  Excellent movie.

The oscars are this sunday night.  Since i havent seen any of the movies I
will predict "Beyond the Mat" will be written in and will all catagories.

                        Friday March 24 10:27 AM ET
                     Day Care Head Taped Baby to a Wall
    , Mass. (AP) - The director of a day care center, David Smith,
   30, duct-taped an 8-month-old girl to a wall, thinking the sight of the
       struggling baby was funny, state officials said in a report.
    The director of A Place to Grow in suburban Boston later admitted to
     the incident, the Office for Child Care Services said in a 12-page
   report issued this week. The center's license was suspended last week.
      The report also said state investigators found that babies were
      force-fed and swaddled so tightly that they had red marks. Some
     infants allegedly got a blast of water in the face if they cried.
    ``Although the motive for such conduct is not clear at this time,''
    the state said, ``at least one staff member stated that the director
           and the staff would get `a kick out of doing that.'''
   The center's owner, Suzanne Foley, said she has fired the director and
   two other staffers and is filing an appeal to win back her license.
   ``I take my responsibility for what happens to the quality of care in
   our centers very seriously,'' Foley wrote Monday in a letter to
   parents obtained by The MetroWest Daily News. ``Anything below the
   highest standard of care for our children will not be tolerated.''
   Police and prosecutors said they were investigating. The state did not
   identify the director.
   According to the report, the director had talked with a parent about
   how duct tape ``works on everything'' and wondered if it would make an
   infant stick to the wall.
   The next afternoon, a staff member saw the director placing duct tape
   on the infant's arms and waist and sticking her to the wall. The
   infant was taken down after she freed one of her arms. The staff
   member said the director thought this was ``funny,'' the report said.
   The director later told the infant's parent, who thought the director
   was joking and laughed.
   It was unclear exactly when the incident took place at the center,
   which cared for 68.0 children from infants to preschoolers.