Nagel my bagel

So for the last four days ive been hanging out in Menlo Park with my East
palo alto homies.  I had a business trip when i went and learned about
earthquake-kill (not killing earthquakes but earthquakes kill you)
software which i already knew (since i am te smartest rake in the barrel).
I got there late the first day and was bored.  I went and checked into my
motel afterwards only the find out that the cheapest motel is the worst
motel.  Actaully this was probably the worst motel ive ever been in.  Its
called the Stanford Arms Motel and it at 115 El Camino Real in Menlo Park.
There was no lobby, just a window in the courtyard with a guy behind it
and a big mess of dirty wires for the phone board.  To get to my room i
had to go through a screendoor that had notes taped on it to shut it
(because it didnt have a spring).  The floor of the room was all uneven.
There were brown marks on teh walls by the bed.  The heater was hooked up
wit ha big orange extension cord that ran around the room.  The furniture
looked like it came from a trift store (wood was crappy and chipped).
THere was mold in the shower (the shower was small and had a dirty window
sill in it and you couldnt stand with out touching the curtain or the
wall).  The first thing i found when i got there was that the trash hadent
been emptied and there was a used condom in it.  For some odd reason, this
really freaked me out and made me hate the place.  I was supposed to stay
there for three nights.  I was thinking of saying i got sick i going back
to sacto that first night.  The carpet was like velcro to my socks and
everything seemed sticky. It got hot in there but i couldnt open the
window because i was on the ground floor and the window didnt have a
screen and was in the alley.  Luckily i brought my 38 special S&W cop
revolver so i had that loaded and next to me all night.  So after Freaks
and Geeks i started driving down El Camino looking for another place for
the next two nights but there were all packed.  So then i came back and
started calling places and found a Comfort Inn for 100 bucks a night and
took that with out a second thought.  The state may only re-emburse me for
84 bucks so i'll be out like 16 bucks for each day, but it was well worth
it.  The Comfort Inn was like paradise comepared to the other place.  The
staford arms was like one of those crappy motels people live in (and not
people like Dylan McKay).  Also the phone would only work like half the
time and it would cut out a lot.

So anyway i checked out the next mroning and the guy said 'i thought you
were supposed to be here thru wednesday night?" i said 'nope only monday
night" he said "well i had you down for the 13, 14, 15th" i  said "no it
was only the 13th" and he said "ok" (i also had the revolver in a shoulder
holster and made sure he saw it).  So i went to class and had donuts.
After lunch at Jack in the box i started falling asleep during a guys talk
and tryed to drink coffee to stay awake but the coffee taste too horrible
and i could only drink like two sips, i dont think i could ever grow the
like the tast of coffee ... a little while later.... hey i love coffee!).
So i went and got my good hotel room then i played some pokeymon gameboy
and then went to Oakland and had dinner with Jeremy and Ursala.  Then
jeremy and i went to his work to play starcrap but it took for ever to get
it to work (i had to reconfigure his whole network IPX portocol).  We
tryed to play on but it didnt work so i just made fun of some
guy called the_homilist.  I would saw things like "bob on my nob homolisp"
and "I heard homolisp saw a cow dick on TV and got a boner in his butt."
The insulting didnt make it work either.  Finally it worked and i got my
ass beat (the game cheated, the mouse didnt work right, i was used to
broodwar, jeremy put poison in my eyes, etc etc).
The next day there were no donuts and i was still falling asleep after
lunch and i got a mountain due and it made me feel sick (wither that or
jack in the box).  That night i went to brisbane and ate at lisa's moms
bar/restauarnt and then went and hung out with my father-in-law.
oww, my jaw hurts, i think Carls Junior gave me TMJ.  The last day there
were more donuts and at lunch time i left and went home.  I stopped at
best buy in Fairfield and got a good TeeVee Tunes CD.

The end
bob nob