its better than you .... think

so after dying for 14 days i got better and have a new outlook on life.
Ive decided my time on this earth is short and crap so id better watch
more tv.  So ive quit work and spend all my waking time watching a 53 inch
 satellite tv with dolby 5.1 surround sound.  Ive bought a disguize kit
and forged 5 different idenities all who reciever welfare checks so im in
the 'go' now.  

now for some lies.

ok so last weekend me and dave and mr mar and mike r mike went out to
shoot guns at the range.  we took a long an old water heater and oven
hood.  We shot them up good.  When waterheaters say they're glass lined,
its means fiber glass and not real glass.  

i think the fastbacks maybe playing at the press club tongiht.  a show
actually worth going to.  Lisa and i also got a puppy (border collie)
named Link after the character of the Legend of Zelda nintendo game or
after the movie Link which was about a missing link attacking monkey-ape.
bart simpson says to kill yo unow