weekend report

friday:  watched Mtv2 with me, lisa, smith, bill and mike r mike.  Saw two
Kim Karnes videos.  Then watched lake placid, movie about a giant
alligator attack.  Had to keep looping the part where Betty White says
"this is where if i had a dick i'd tell you to suck it" and "ok officer
fuck-meat".  We saw it in english and french with spanish subtitles.  The
power of technology.  Bill later called up asking why he didnt have Mtv2
and it was because he has cable and not satellite.

saturday:  bill called and wanted to know if you could record onto DVDs,
and i said not easily or cheaply.  Lisa and i went and got some rear
surround sound speakers and a subwoofer (150 watts).  Then we went to jays
hosue to meet up and go to sf.  We got there at 5:30 and didnt end up
leaveing til 7.  We were supposed to play at 8.  We got to SF and it took
for ever to find a place to park.  A reason i will never live in Sf (along
with the fact that renting an apartment cost more than our morgage
payment.  Skip got really drunk and bugger people.  The 4 eyes played for
like an hour which was 30 minutes too long but no one seemed to mind.  The
bananas were drunk and played like 5 songs before the hillstreetblues
cops came.

Sunday: I hooked up the rear speakers so the home theater set up is
complete (tested it out with the Omaha beach Private Ryan scene).  Then we
went and got a puppy.  Some guy in folsom was selling border collie pups
(like the dog in Babe, not the pig).  So we picked one out and put down a
deposit and will pick it up thursday.  Now we have to puppy proof every
thing and hope the cats dont kill it.