Like i dont have anything else do do butt write this?

So ive been hanging out a lot lately on digital home theater forums.  Lots
of AV geek stuff.  Im just trying to get familiar with projection tvs for
when we buy one.  Which wont be too soon.

I'll just mention that on the weekend Ed asked if his conversation would
show up in a daily take and i said yes.

Friday - Cant remember, i think lisa and i stayed home or something.
Saturday - went with smith and bill and lisa and saw Dogmar at the
birdcage theater.  It was way better than i thought it would be because
people said it sucked.  But it turned out they were wrong as usual.  Then
we went to infernos after getting ed.  We had to drink much beer before
the mushroom pizza with half pepperopni and half steak showed up.  Ed kept
hitting on the waiteress saying things like 'you come here often', 'is
your hisband married' and 'i gotta 40 pound snake, i'm a freaking sound
man!'.  She said she was married and Ed said 'I do' so she legally had to
become misses Ed.  Then we went to ed and mikes pink palace and jim mclean
was there.  we played with the cats (the original) burgie and fannie
(short for 'fan belt' which ripped up its face).  We also kept trying to
take apart a handgun but no one could figure it out.  Then we went to the
flame club (all of us) which turned out to be bad.  There were someother
people we knew there like Hira and Skye.  Bill and mike Kellog and I kept
playing the fish tales pinball and bill kept buying me beers.  Lisa was
also drinking a lot.  Then we started playing dice and then the bar closed
and we had to hurry to finish the last call beers.  Then dave drove bills
car with bill, me, lisa, mike kellog, skye and skyes bike back to our
house.  We brought them blankets and set up the hinder bed and put on the
DVD of thin red line on repeat and passed out.  Lisa puked a couple times
before passing out. 
Sunday- woke up sick and lisa was sick with dry heaves.  I almost puked
but fought it back and just sat in the bathroom thinking i was going to
puke for a couple hours.  Bill brought donuts and then they left (leaving
the donuts).  We watched hours of Kids in the Hall marathon while
recovering.  Later felt better after eating donuts and went to togos for
sandwhich (and soup for lisa).
Monday - worked on pergo floor, nothing exciting, so stop asking.