Friday January 21 6:28 AM ET
                    Paper: Doc Carves Initials in Women
     NEW YORK (AP) - A woman has filed a $5.5 million lawsuit against a
    doctor who carved his initials - ``A'' and ``Z'' - into her stomach
            after delivering her baby girl by Caesarean section.
    Dr. Allan Zarkin used a scalpel to carve the 3-by-11/2-inch letters
    into the skin of Liana Gedz on Sept. 7, according to lawyers on both
                  sides of the case. The baby was healthy.
    ``I feel like a branded animal,'' Gedz, 31, told the Daily News. ``I
                feel like I was raped, like I was violated.
   She said she will need extensive plastic surgery to remove the marks.
     Barry Fallick, Zarkin's lawyer, said the doctor admits carving the
     letters as a sedated Gedz was recovering. Fallick says the doctor
      blames a ``frontal lobe disorder'' affecting his personality and
              behavior that was diagnosed after the incident.
   Zarkin, 61, agreed to suspend his medical practice two weeks ago after
     state health authorities launched a probe, the newspaper reported,
           citing an unidentified Health Department spokeswoman.
     Beth Israel Medical Center, where the delivery was performed, has
   suspended Zarkin's right to practice there. The hospital is also named
                              in the lawsuit.
          City prosecutors are also investigating, the News said.