ink you stink a bottle of ink

so we (meaning I) are heading toward a rainy three day weekend.  On monday
we should all remember how martin luther king junior (son of martin
luther, the gregorian calendar monk) lead the boycotts in Selma
Mississippi so we could all have his birthday off of work.  Too bad it
took his death (his father kilt him after he wrote 'california grapes
heard it through the grape vine') to free us from a monday of work in

so last weekend lisa and I set up our satelitte television system (i had
to learn how to correctly spell 'satellite' so i could 'search the net,
dude').  Ate first we couldnt find the 119 satellite, only the 110
satellite.  So we went to home depot to watch an installing pergo tutorial
and to buy a tree hacker.  So we were the only two people who showed up to
watch the pergo thing (pergo is laminated wood flooring, we're going to
put it in our house).  So the teacher guy is doing his think trying to
sell us on p[ergo (which we were already sold on).  Then we buy a tre
hacker go home and start hacking the tree.  We finally find satelitte 119
(after two calls one at 12:30am friday night we went out drinking and i
started setting up the satellite stuff in the dark, i called and would say
'i cant find that thar satellite 119' and their responce was 'find it, its
there and its working moron').  So we find the satellite but the signal is
kind of week like 50% then i cut one more big branch and the signal
increases to like 80%, so it was another case of nature interferring with
mans quest for TV, this time man (meaning me) won and nature (meaning
nature) lost big time.

So we have satellite tv, but we dont have ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX because
conress critters passed a law (they were bought out by the cable
companies) that says people who can get those stations on antenna cant get
teh non-local stataions on satellite.  So we now have to watch those
stations with an antenna which means the picture and sound sucks.  Im
trying to get waivers so i can get teh channels on the satellite and
sacramento local stations should be getting the satellite hooks up soon
(hopefully around march 2K).

well my main boss came by and gave me somthing to do (besides playing