Why doesnt johnny care?

so i went to carls junior today and ordered food (wait theres more to the
story).  I saw a managerr type lady give some old bat some ranch dressing
even though the ranch dressing is only supposed to be for people who buy
the fried zuccini.  So now that i had evidence of the manager breaking
protocol i figured i'd use it like a crowbar (that doesnt make sence).
So i figured that when she gave me my food and i asked for ranch she say
"thats for zuccini only" and i would say 'well i saw you give it to the
other old bat, so are you going to give it to me or are you discriminating
against me? are you calling me a gay, black jew?!?!" then she would have
no choice except to resign or to give me ranch dressing (the rance
dressing is even watered down its like they loss about a fifth of a penny
on each one they give away, they could save much more money if they could
just hire smart people who can figure out that the change for a 5.16 when
handed a ten is 4.84, with out being all weirded out, even the retards
that worked at the carls junior in santa cruz were more efficent because
they didnt have to take smoke breaks between each order (they were real
retards)).  Well it turned out that some other lady called my number and
gave me food and asked if i wanted Catsup and i asked for ranch and she
said OK (i think she really was reading my mind and knew i ment business
either that or she just was doing it to spite the manajerk).

Lisa and i got our satalitte TV system in last night.  So i have to sneak
out early and set up the dish this afternoon.  Then we should have 500
channels of pure crap.

the end