shooting mutants revisited

so here we are on the eve of the new thing thats tomrorow.  im stuff at
work waiting for a freaking unix machine to spew its info on to a exabyte
tape.  Then i can kill it and take off, eh.  So basically y2k has been a
big non-event.  I guess its kind of exciting that there are all these big
parties everywhere and crap.  new years usually sucks, i usually dont
drink on new years because its soo pass-a.  But this year lisa and i have
some Cook 2000 champagne that cost be a pretty penny (about 4 dollars).
New years will be spent watch Dicks Clark while lisa p[lays gameboy
tetris.  Then the next day will be spent on house work and looting.
Hopefully someone blows up something or we'll know forsure that all this
terrorist crap was fabricated by the governemtn.  Like they just happened
to catch all the terrorist.  Who the heck are these algerians and why do
they want to blow us up now?  Why should we care because no one even knows
who they are.  I fersure dont.

let all acquintance be forget and never do that do, la lal...

i hope y2k craches your face, cop=o!

the end of the millenium

and perhaps the end of the daily take!!!!