Dont forget, 4 eyes tonight at the loft 7pm sharp!!!

So i had this crazy dream last night.  Lisa and i were walking around with
dave smith.  We went into this building 9probably like a restrant or
something) and we were leaving and saw a table of guys playing role
playing games (like dungeons and dragons) and lisa saw that Sean and Jeff
(the morning Djs from KWOD were there).  Lisa said hi to them and said
something about how some radio thing they did was actaully funny or
somthing.  Dave smith and i were making fun of the hex maps they were
using for the role playing game.  They were acting all godly and arrogrant
and disrespecting us.  Sot then we left.  When i got out side i realized
that i had left my jacket in there.  So i went back in and look at the
table where they were role playing for my jacket.  I asked where my jacket
was and one of the DJs said "well i'll chip in a dollar toward the drying
cost" and then laughed like a jerk.  Then i realized that the other DJ had
taken my jacket to the can and stuffed it in a toilet.  So i got pissed.
The other DJ came out of the bathroom and i started pushing him around but
he started acting tough.  So for something reason my AR15 (a rifle like a
M16, but it was mine because it looked dumb like mine does) was leaning
against a wall so i picked it up and started trying to butt the guy in the
neck or face with it.  i  hit him i nthe neck and then started to swinging
the barrel at him trying to bop him in the head (all of the attacking was
realy weak-ass, like in dreamns where you fightr and cant really do
anything).  Then i figured the rifle would probably scare the role playing
geeks because it was a gun.  Then i cant remember what happened, i bet a
cat clawed the rug and woke me up.

Its amazing today im actaully remember things that i thought 'gee davey,
you should write about that'.  So i figured out how Costco is related to
the KKK and supports then 111%.  Have you ever noticed that the costco
brand is Kirkland, stuff like toilet paper and other crap.  But when they
wrap the toilet paper they fold parts of it so it only shows the Klan part
of kirKLANd.  Thats even more obvious than the three fingers hanging out
of the pocket KKK thing.  I cant believe you'all didnt figure this out
sooner.  What a buncha chimps.

So basically come to the Four Eyes show tonight to see 3 hours of covers.
7pm at hte loft.