long time, no read...

so lisa and i bought our house.  we got the keys last thursday.  We went o
home depot and bought around 300 bucks of paint and crap.  We get back to
the house and find that lisa has lost the only key.  Luckily bill and brad
were around (both were locksmiths).  so they came over and got us in, then
they went and bought us a new lock to put on.  So we with the help of dave
smith and bill, tore up the carpet and flood boards in the hall and living
room and got rid of the cat pee smell.  The floor boards were pretty bad.
THere is now plywood down for the floor (or most of it atleast, i need to
buy more).  Dave andf i and sometimes bill made three trips with a uhaul
and moved all of the big stuff, but there is still a ton of stuff at the
apartment that needs to be moved.  We put a lot of time in on the place
over the weekend.

so monday after xmas there is the Big Four Eyes Show at the loft, three
hours of all covers played by the 4 eyes.