you were a funny guy...

So lisa and i went and signed about a billion forms so we can own our
house.  We might be getting the keys for it tomorrow.  I had to sign my
middle name a bunch, luckily it was typed out because i always forget how
to spell it.  Man, there is still a lot of day left for me to be at work.
I already took an 1.5 hour break too.  I just cant work under these
stress-less conditions.  Not enough motivation when i can just tell my
boss that somethign didnt work or i couldnt figure something out to cover
up my freecell.goof off time.  So the new house get to have a videogame
room.  There is a pink room there now that will become a junk/videogame
room.  Lisa and ihave to paint like three rooms before sunday.
If we get the keys tomorrow then we can paint friday night and all of
saturday.  Im sure this is all really exciting.  

so i decided that im going to become a hippie.  Hey man, im letting my
hair grown long and im going to go live in wine-o park and eat at Scott
Miller Supported Loafs of Fishes.  Ohh man, this comptuer is giving me
techno fear.  Daves not here man..

Ok that got boring really fast.  I guess making fun of hippies died out a
long time ago.  I still think its not as painful as making fun of disco
(which mean i can never want to watch 'that show about the 70s').
Anything that makes fun of disco usually makes me turn my head jsut
because its been done sooo many freakin times before.  

SO heres the big question.  Who is going to be the first guy to rip off
Foster Brooks act?  No one knows who Foster Brooks is, they even removed
the robotic Foster Brooks from the MGM Grand in Vegas (which lead to my
boycott of vegas).  Some one has to come along and just do the same drunk
act over and over.  It will never be funny.  But what do i know, i laugh
at the part of GoodMorningVietnam when the unfunny lt. does his 'lt.
steve/frenchie skit'.  (and if you dooo, and if you dooo).

what kind of worries me now is the up coming Andy kaufman flick with jim
carey and courtney love.  After seeing the commercails for it how many
bullets to i have to put in my head to get rid of 'if you believe they put
a man on the moon...'?  Why did they have to jet junkie courtney love/
why not courtney cox or even courtney thorn-smith?  Im just worried that
hte big influx of andy kaufman tshirts and travel mugs will ruin the who
Andy Kaufman Story.  The only thing worse i could think of is if they got
Adam Sandler to play andy kaufman...ohhhh.. that one of the things that
keeps me up at night.